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pocketWords - Download pocketWords, versione 1.30

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Solve complex Crossword, Scrabble and Anagram problems in seconds

If you ever get stuck on a crossword, or want to find the best scoring word in Scrabble, pocketWords has the answer! It also helps solve anagrams and other types of word puzzle - an ideal gift for the dedicated crossword solver.

pocketWords finds all words of 9 letters or less that fit the known letters in a crossword, solves anagrams and finds all possible words from a set of letters such as those in Scrabble.
pocketWords is much faster and is more convenient than word lists in book form and uses an optimized data structure so that only 50k free memory is required to run.
pocketWords comes with a database of over 145000 words as defined for international Scrabble and you can download many other word-lists free from our website.

Supports all Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, WM 5.0, WM 6.0, WM 6.1 & WM 6.5 devices

pocketWords Key Features

* Fast, easy to use, Windows Mobile 5+ compliant user interface.
* 145000+ word dictionary (SOWPODS 2000 - international Scrabble word list)
* Simple drag & drop interface
* Generate random racks to practice
* Context menu to set double/triple letter score
* Find all words of up to 9 letters in seconds
* Context sensitive help.
* English, German, French and Italian interface and Scrabble scores
* Full install/uninstall support.
* Small footprint: this is the fastest/most compact Word-lookup utility for Windows Mobile!



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Sistema operativo: Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Windows 2003
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